Die Cutting Press

CJRTec is the leading supplier of clicker die cutting press for manufacturing in USA, Mexico, and Canada. Our industrial machines follow international standards, ensuring customers that they get to use only the best automatic equipment to boost up their production. We also accept custom orders according to the specifications and requirements of your operation. All of our cutting machines come with at least 1-year warranty on all parts and service.

Die Cutting Machinery

You may find cheaper machineries from other suppliers across the web but we are confident to offer you high-quality and brand new automatic die cut presses. Our products are made of quality steel and we have in-stock spare parts that are always available in case something happens to your machine. We are also proud to be the pioneer in applying robotics to our automated system, allowing manufacturers to fully optimize their clicker die cutting press. Contact us or register now and we will be more than happy to help you.

Leather Die Cutting Press
Leather Die Cutting Presses